Web Client Guidance Nears Completion

p&p needs your feedback! We plan to release the Web Client Guidance around Dev10 launch. This guidance will help customers create rich, responsive, modular Web applications. We are looking for your input before the final release in early April to help us ensure the accuracy of the guidance.

The Guidance includes:

  • Documentation (written guidance). Includes guidance on responsiveness, separated presentation: MVC and MVP, data validation, improving security, modular Web applications, compose the UI, and Web application testing. Note: the links in the .chm are not yet working.
  • Music Store Reference Implementation. Shows the guidance in action using Web Forms, MVC, jQuery, and Microsoft Ajax Library.
  • Web Forms QuickStart. The Web Forms QuickStart is a subset of the reference implementation to show how similar responsive patterns can be used when creating an application using ASP.NET Web forms. The QuickStarts uses the same JavaScript files to show that even when using Web Forms, you can take full control of client side functionality to create a rich Ajax application.
  • Validation QuickStart. Demonstrates how to perform input validation on Web sites using a variety of Web technologies, such as ASP.NET Web Forms, HTML, ASP.NET Model-View Controller (MVC), and the ASP.NET Ajax Library. It also highlights some best practices for validation. For more information, see “Validation QuickStart” in the documentation.

The Web Application Guidance - March 2010.chm contains the following:

  • Get Started. Provides a way to navigate the documentation.
  • Guidance Summary. Helps you understand the scope of the guidance.
  • Key Decisions. Helps you understand the key decisions you need to make when creating a Web application.
  • Music Store RI and QuickStart. Provides the system requirements and instructions on how to compile and run the reference implementation and quick start.

You can download the latest drop from Codeplex: http://www.codeplex.com/webclientguidance.

Please review the source code (Web Application Library and Music Store RI) and documentation and let us know if there are any issues that you think need to be addressed. This is still a work in progress so any feedback that you can provide is appreciated.

What’s Left

We are creating a number of videos that will be released with the guidance. We are also finalizing documentation and graphics. We have a few bugs to fix and we should be done except for addressing any feedback that you have. We need your feedback before we publish the guidance on MSDN.


Thanks for your help,

The patterns & practices Web Client Guidance team

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