New Web Client Guidance Drop Available on Codeplex

We just posted the most recent drop of the Web Client Guidance on Codeplex. At this point we are making fewer changes to the code and focusing more on the documentation. Below is the change log for the drop.

The next drop we will refine our guidance and scenarios on when to use modularity and UI composition. When we have something to share, I will create a blog post as this is an important part of the guidance. We want to ensure it resonates with you.


Reference Implementation
  • Modified the Reference Implementation to use the release versions of the JavaScript files. Previously, it was using the debug versions of the Ajax Library, ACT and custom scripts. Now it uses the release versions of these files. This also implies that the CombineAndMinify handler is being used by default for all custom scripts. To go back to debug mode, the Site.Master page should be updated to reference the start.debug.js instead of the start.js file.
  • Updated the search results page. The rating control and average rating are now available outside of the song preview popup. That popup now displays a snapshot of the latest song reviews.
  • Several bugs have been fixed. Some concurrency issues are now resolved; the error message appearing when navigating away of the search page is no longer displayed, and the review validation was improved.
  • Added the “UI Composition” document. This document describes the approaches to compose the User Interface of a Web application from reusable pieces.
  • Improved the “Responsiveness document.
  • Improved the “Patterns in the Web Client Guidance” document.
  • Improved the “Modularity” document.
  • Improved the “Modular Deployment” document.
  • Improved the separated presentation pattern documents.
  • Improved the security documents.
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