Prism 2.0 Drop Available on Codeplex

Erwin Van Der Valk posted a blog entry on the latest Prism 2.0 drop. You should go check it out. Over the last few weeks, I have received feedback asking why we do not have the entire prism library available for Silverlight. The answer to this is we are in the progress of completing the effort. Similar to other patterns and practices projects we are porting the library as we go. This past iteration we focused on:

  • Top down UI Composition: new approach in Prism 2.0 that simplifies the ability to create views
  • Event Aggregator: porting
  • Service Locator: to use IServiceLocator interface, which is part of the CommonServiceLocator implementation
  • RI Port: this is in progress

The plan going forward is as follows:

  • Finish Top down UI Composition
  • Finish modularity: we currently do not have directory sweep and config base modularity
  • Commanding
  • Support additional technical concepts: navigation, validation, data management: query data and send updates to the server on Silverlight clients.  We will consider these assuming we have time.

As we take on these additional technical concepts we will port the RI and QuickStarts to the new library and Silverlight. The differences between Silverlight and WPF are causing us to making changes in the core library. Our goal is to allow you to maximize (within reason) the amount of code reuse between Silverlight and WPF which requires changes in the core library.

Have you downloaded the latest drop and provide us feedback? Your feedback keeps us focused on the right things.

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