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After lots of hard work by the team, advisors, and product group we decided it would be best to upstage the election today by releasing the SharePoint Guidance. Given the importance of the guidance, we are confident that everyone will be more excited about our guidance than any historic election in the US. Given the fact this is the first time that patterns & practices created SharePoint Guidance, we have had all the major television networks ask for interviews so stay tuned to a webcast near you. We also heard from many voters that they changed their vote based upon this guidance.

Ok I will be serious. We did complete the SharePoint Guidance which focuses on Windows SharePoint Services. The guidance can be found on MSDN. There is a community for this guidance on Codeplex. We believe that it will help you know how to:

  • Make architectural decisions about feature factoring, packaging, and the appropriate usage of design patterns.
  • Determine design tradeoffs for common decisions many developers encounter, such as when to use SharePoint lists or a database to store information.
  • Design for testability, create unit tests, and run continuous integration.
  • Set up different environments including the development, build, test, staging, and production environments.
  • Manage the application life cycle through development, test, deployment, and upgrading.

This guidance includes a Reference Implementation, 2 QuickStarts (Debugging and Data Access) and 3 Patterns (Model View Presenter, Service Locator, and Repository). I do want to mention the unit testing, deployment and upgrade sections as there is lots of good knowledge in these topics. 

We use the Reference Implementation as a way to demonstrate the guidance in action. The written guidance was developed by experiencing the challenges of developing the Reference Implementation Application with SharePoint. We then validated the guidance with both the product group, MVP's, and other external advisors.

Here is one of the screens from the Reference Implementation.



The guidance can be found on MSDN. There is a community for this guidance on Codeplex. Checkout the guidance and give your feedback. We are now capturing requirements for what we should focus on next with SharePoint.

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  1. Paul Andrew says:

    Lots of work has gone into the new Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance. I’m very excited to see

  2. Je vous en avais déjà parlé dans un précédent post , l’équipe P&P travaille depuis plusieurs mois

  3. Je vous en avais déjà parlé dans un précédent post , l’équipe P&P travaille depuis plusieurs mois

  4. The patterns and practices group just released their latest installment; it helps architects and developers

  5. bkaraban says:

    Saw the session yesterday at the pnp summit.  I think the guidance looks great, but the product is still so hard to develop for that I think a lot of the people are just not excited about it.  We are an ISV and would need to package our changes and have our customers install and manage it, and it is still to brittle for them.  I think if the SharePoint team works with the pnp team, the odds of it improving are much better.  

    Just don’t take the feedback from the summit as bad guidance, but just that even with your help people still dislike SharePoint development.

  6. The patterns & practices team just published 6 new releases in the last two weeks. Ajoy discusses

  7. Blaine says:

    Thanks for the feedback from the pnp summit presentation. As for SharePoint development it has improved and will continue to improve over the next several releases. The patterns and practices team will continue to work closely with the SharePoint to provide this feedback. I would like to have a discussion with you to get some detailed feedback. You can send me an e-mail to as to when you have time to talk.

    One things that I did not emphasize yesterday, is that SharePoint provides a lot of capabilities out of the box that does not require the developers to do anything. This is one of the reasons that SharePoint is so popular.

  8. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Bkaraban,

    I’m a Technical Product Manager on the SharePoint team and I wanted to reply also. SharePoint has seen huge growth recently and as a result we have had to step up all aspects of the product. As a developer platform we have to make it easier as more and more developers start using it.

    I can assure you the P&P is working very closely with the SharePoint product team and I also want to ask you about specifics of why you see people disliking SharePoint. As this product keeps growing we need the continued feedback to be able to improve. If you want to help I would encourage you to offer your specific feedback on my blog over at Just comment on a blog entry or send me feedback through the blog.


    Paul Andrew

    Senior Technical Product Manager

    SharePoint Developer Platform


  9. patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance is now available. Abstract  patterns & practices

  10. The SharePoint guidance which focuses on WSS went live last week. This guidance provides architects and

  11. This last month has been what you might call crazy. Within the space of a couple of weeks we have had

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