JD Meier shares "Cliff Notes" from Stephen Covey’s presentation to Microsoft

JD Meier recently posted a blog on Stephen Covey's presentation to Microsoft. The blog post includes:

  • Lighthouse principles
  • Values and principles
  • Personal and family mission statement and why
  • One of my favorites Urgent but not important
  • Office politics
  • Finding your voice
  • Keys to effective large teams
  • Win / Win agreements
  • Keeping top talent
  • Plus lots more

Check it out. I worked with JD on Whidbey Security Guidance and learned a lot from him. This guidance is still one of the best sellers on MSDN. He share many of his secrets on effectiveness on this blog.

Comments (1)

  1. Earlier today I provided a link to JD’s blog on a presentation from Stephen Covey . I have known JD for

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