pnp Summit Videos Available online

Ajoy just announced that 3 p&p summit video’s are now available on-line. He provides a link to a presentation that Francis and I gave regarding SharePoint Guidance. Check it out.


Roadmap for WCSF

A number of customers have asked about the future of the Web Client Software Factory. I want to announce that we are starting to plan for the next release of the Web Client Software Factory. We plan to start the project in the spring of 2009 and plan to deliver this next version with Visual…


Prism 2.0 Drop Available on Codeplex

Erwin Van Der Valk posted a blog entry on the latest Prism 2.0 drop. You should go check it out. Over the last few weeks, I have received feedback asking why we do not have the entire prism library available for Silverlight. The answer to this is we are in the progress of completing the…


Announcing 6 new patterns and practices releases

The patterns & practices team just published 6 new releases in the last two weeks. Ajoy discusses the releases on his blog. The new releases include: Enterprise Library v4.1 Unity Application Block v1.2 Distributed Agile Development white paper and Agile showcase Application Architecture Guide v2.0 (Beta 1) SharePoint Development Guidance v1.0 Acceptance Testing Guidance Check…


SharePoint Guidance is Live

After lots of hard work by the team, advisors, and product group we decided it would be best to upstage the election today by releasing the SharePoint Guidance. Given the importance of the guidance, we are confident that everyone will be more excited about our guidance than any historic election in the US. Given the…


CAB to Prism Comparison Available on Codeplex

Our Composite UI Application Block (CAB) customers have been asking for comparison documentation between CAB to Composite Application Guidance for WPF (Prism). You can download the guidance from here. This documentation helps you understand the difference between the libraries to help you plan your migration to Prism. This figure provides a comparison of CAB and…


Prism 2.0 first drop on Codeplex

We just finished our first drop for Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (code named Prism 2.0) and posted it on Codeplex. As previously announced, we are continuing to enhance Prism to support Multi-targeted applications for Silverlight and WPF. Additionally we plan to create guidance for composite Silverlight applications. So go checkout the latest…


Unit Testing SharePoint Projects

Since we started the SharePoint Guidance project, I have heard from most customers that they do not unit test their SharePoint projects because it is hard to do. In our drop that will come out tomorrow or Wednesday on Codeplex we have some good content on how to unit test applications built with SharePoint. This…


Training Class Available for Composite Application Library

We are excited to announce that David Platt is now offering an online training class on Composite Application Library (CAL) on October 1st through 3rd. You can sign-up here. As background, David has successfully training many customers on the Composite UI Application Block which he has offered for several years. We have received very good…


Scope for Prism 2.0

In my previous post, I mentioned that we planned on creating guidance for Composite Silverlight applications. David Hill just blogged on our plans for Prism 2.0. From this survey we heard you wanted guidance on: Multi-targeting controller, presenters, services, and models for both Silverlight and WPF UI Composition for Silverlight Modular Development for Silverlight Data…