WCSF Workshop Available on Codeplex

Last month the patterns & practices team had a great workshop with a number of customers. (OK, I am a little biased). A number of customers asked us to post the workshop materials so they could go through the workshop themselves. So in response the requests, you can now download the workshop from here. The workshop…


Just Released: GAT and GAX, February 2007 CTP

You read that right, we just release the February version of GAT & GAX in March. As Tom Hollander announced in his blog, we had a false start in our attend to publish GAT & GAX in February. This will make a good trivia question a few years from now. What’s New in this Release? The February…


Fix available for Add View with Presenter Recipe exception in WCSF

The Web Client Software Factory team found a resolution to the Add View with Presenter Recipe exception. We posted a fix on the AddViewPresenterException page on Codeplex. For a full explanation, see Julian Dominguez’s Blog post. As known issues are identified and resolved, we continue to update the Known Issues page for the WCSF.


Reflections on SCSF Iteration 3

The team achieved its objectives for the week with the exception of finishing the WPF interop spikes and finalizing the Appraiser Workbench Reference Implementation. Overall, we are happy with our progress. This week we prioritized WPF spikes high because it is a critical feature for SCSF release. From this past iteration, we identified two areas that will…


Reflections on SCSF Iteration 2

During Iteration 2 we made a conscience decision to be more transparent with the community. We in patterns & practices hear a lot of questions on how do you develop software and what are you working on right now for a particular asset. In response to these requests, we are publishing the SCSF Release 2 Stories and SCSF…


SCSF first weekly drop

Take a look at our SCSF’s first weekly drop. In Mike Puleio’s blog, he outlines what was accomplished during this past iteration. As I mentioned in a previous blog, in an effort to be more transparent, we are posting the iteration’s goals on Codeplex.  Let us know your thoughts? Next week we will post some topics on the…


Publish planned SCSF stories for an iteration on codeplex

We created a page to list the planned SCSF stories for an iteration. This page will give you an idea of what we will be working on for the week. At the end of this week, we will post our first weekly drop on codeplex. If all goes as planned, we will post it at the…


WCSF Known Issues Published on Codeplex

We created a list of known issues with the Web Client Software Factory. You can find them here. As we resolve issues, we will update this page so check back.


Reflections on SCSF Iteration 1

The SCSF team just finished its first iteration and conducted its iteration planned meeting for iteration 2. During our iteration planning sessions, the team conducts a weekly retrospective that allows us to make small course corrections for the next iteration. During this weeks retrospective, one point became very clear. We as a team did not identify what consistuted…


Plan for Smart Client Software Factory April Update

  The Client Team at patterns & practices is planning an update of the Smart Client Software Factory to be released in late April of this year. As usual, we need your feedback on the potential scope for this update. The current plan includes both new functionality, updates currently published on our community site: http://www.codeplex.com/smartclient…