WCSF June 2007 release is live

As Glenn posted in his blog, the June 2007 release is now live. In my previous post, I outlined the changes in the release. The factory can be downloaded from here and the source code can be downloaded from here.

For instructions on installing the factory, go here. If you are upgrading from Web Client Software Factory, we created instructions on how to upgrade. We also provide instructions on how to enable January 2007 solutions to work with the June 2007 guidance package.

With this release, we allow you to download the source code separately. For those that prefer evaluating the source code before deciding to install the entire package or deciding to upgrade, this is a good option.

One side note, Web Client Software Factory June 2007 release is the same as Web Client Software Factory 1.1 release.

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  1. franc_s says:

    This 2nd release of WCSF is the most sophisticated baseline architectural pattern that the PAG folks have developed since UIPB and Smart Client. Many thanks. Be sure to see Dave Hayden’s blog at http://www.davidhayden.com/davidhayden/default.aspx

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