WCSF June 2007 Release Candidate Available on Codeplex

The WCSF June 2007 Release Candidate is now available on Codeplex. For instructions on installing the factory go here.

The June 2007 release of the Web Client Software Factory is an update to the January 2007 release and contains the following changes:

  • The guidance package uses the February 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit
  • The software factory uses the Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007.
  • The guidance package recipes support Web Application Projects.
  • The guidance package includes recipes that create Visual Basic .NET source code.
  • The Windows installer includes a feature to analyze the computer for required and optional software dependencies.
  • The Windows installer includes source code snippets for typical page flow development activities.

  • Fix for the Add View (with presenter) Recipe which sometimes would not load due to an exception.

As I stated earlier, we plan the final release to happen sometime next week. One of the wiki pages that I saw lots of feedback on was the installation directions. Please give feedback on the installation instructions as you go through them. Thanks!

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  1. BennyXNO says:

    Thank, gonna work on it right away.

  2. Blaine has recently posted about fixes/updates to WCSF and SCSF. WCSF 1.1 RC – contains several fixes

  3. Cloggie97 says:

    Hi Blaine,

    Apologies for posting this to your blog. I emailed you privately, but haven’t heard from you yet. Of course I want to congratulate you on the imminent final 1.1 release. But in the 1.1 release candidate I could not see that workitem 7837 was fixed. I raised that issue in January. I think it would be very easy to fix. Is there any chance it could still make it into the final 1.1 release?

    kind regards


  4. Blaine says:


    As far as any additional workitems for the release, they are not part of the scope. The scope for the release was to include EntLib 3.1 binaries and to include the Web Application Project support. We intentially made WCSF June release very light weight so we can start on Web Client R2.

    We just started on Web Client R2 and we will consider your issue as well as others during this release. The first challenge for this next release is UI Responsiveness. We will start are weekly drops in the next week.

  5. The wait is over, the June release of Web Client Software Factory has now shipped! As Blaine mentioned

  6. As Glenn posted in his blog, the June 2007 release is now live. In my previous post , I outlined the

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