Reflections on SCSF Iteration 1

The SCSF team just finished its first iteration and conducted its iteration planned meeting for iteration 2. During our iteration planning sessions, the team conducts a weekly retrospective that allows us to make small course corrections for the next iteration.

During this weeks retrospective, one point became very clear. We as a team did not identify what consistuted a successful first iteration.  From my past experience, identifying acceptance criteria is an activity that is easy to skip. Have you had a similar experience? How have you solved this problem on your projects.

The good news for our team is we have different members that recognize the problem and raise the issue during the planning game and the retrospective. For this next iteration we identified acceptance criteria for the Disconnected Service Agent, Recipes, and the upcoming WCSF Workshop.

An example of the acceptance criteria for the recipes are:

  • Create solution, create business module, create view/presenter, and create foundational module compile and run after they are registered
  • Recipes are included in the weekly drop to codeplex

We will continue to refine our acceptance criteria. I am interested in hearing your feedback and thoughts on "What good looks like".

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