FAQ posted on TFS Setup MSDN forum

We’ve updated the Team Foundation Server FAQ on the following MSDN forum.  http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2776169&SiteID=1.  


The Upgrade Experience – Team Foundation Server 2010

This is the first of a series of posts around the topic of Upgrading to Team Foundation server 2010 from a previous release.  Team Foundation Server 2010 is a major upgrade from the previous release.   Among the many new and updated features in this release there is a significant change in the architecture that enables a more…


Small Basic is live.

This is a wonderful tool that Vijaye has been working on for a long time and now has been released via DevLabs.   As someone that cut their “programming” teeth on versions of GW-BASIC running on TRS-80, CoCo, and the Commodore64, the simplicity of BASIC opened a whole new world of computers for me.   Introducing children…


Get more detailed error message information from the TFS admin tools in TFS 2008.

The TFS administration tools will output error information should a command fail.  There is an environmental setting that you can set before running the command that will cause our tools to output more detailed information.   Simply set the following variable:    Set TfsDetailedErrors=1   Now when you run tfsadminutil command you will get more details.    


New Team Foundation Server Power Tools Released – September 2007

This is my first post and I’m proud to announce that we just released the Sept 2007 version of the TFS Power Tools.  This was one of my first projects assigned to me when I joined the TFS team so this is fitting it is my first official post as well. This TFS Power Tools release…


Guiding Principles Around Major System Upgrades

While upgrading from a previous version of Team Foundation Server is a fully supported scenario in TFS 2010 and the new Wizards are intended to make the upgrade as painless as possible, it is still extremely important to spend time planning this upgrade and it pays to follow a few guiding principles: 1.    Plan your…


Team Foundation Server 2010 Upgrade

Team Foundation Server 2010 is a major upgrade from the previous release and Beta2 was just released on MSDN (See Brian Harry’s post  for more information on the Beta2 release).   Among the many new and updated features in this release is a set of Configuration Wizards.  The Upgrade from Previous Release Wizard is the wizard to…


TFS Upgrade Guide

TFS Upgrade Guidance With the release of Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 you may wonder where to start when thinking about TFS upgrade guidance.  The BEST place to start is by downloading the latest TFS Installation Guide which not only includes information about installing TFS but also includes details on TFS Upgrade. You can download the latest Install…


Visual Studio Client connection issues after upgrading to TFS 2010

There are two Visual Studio client connection issues you may encounter under specific scenarios after upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2010.  In both these scenarios customers must have upgraded to TFS 2010 and configured the system to use the same URL as their previous TFS 2005 or TFS 2008 instance.  (Note: Customers could have configured…