TFS Upgrade Guide

TFS Upgrade Guidance

With the release of Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 you may wonder where to start when thinking about TFS upgrade guidance.  The BEST place to start is by downloading the latest TFS Installation Guide which not only includes information about installing TFS but also includes details on TFS Upgrade.

You can download the latest Install Guide for Team Foundation here.  For TFS Upgrade guidance, start with the section labeled: "Scenario: Upgrading Team Foundation Server".

Excerpt from the Install Guide for Team Foundation:

Before you use the installation guide for Team Foundation, you should identify the scenario that most closely matches the type of installation that you are trying to perform. For each scenario, the installation guide contains an overview and a checklist. The overviews provide the high-level goals of the scenario, and the checklists provide the context with which you should perform individual tasks. You should review the overview for the type of installation that you want to perform, and then you should use the checklist to install components of Team Foundation. If you are not sure which scenario is right for you, consider using the following scenario: Scenario: Getting Started with Team Foundation Server Installation (start here).

This guide contains practical guidelines about how to install components of Team Foundation or how to upgrade Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. For more information about how to plan an installation of Team Foundation Server, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Choosing a Team Foundation Server Deployment Configuration.

To download the most recent version of the installation guide for Team Foundation, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Installation Guide for Team Foundation


Additional Upgrade Guidance Information

  • If you are upgrading TFS from a pre-release version of TFS 2010 (Beta2 or RC) you can read this post: Team Foundation Server 2010 Upgrade Guide from Beta2 or RC to RTM.

  • Finally, the Visual Studio ALM Rangers also produced a supplemental upgrade guide which contains information on issues that users may encounter during upgrade.  Most of this information has either been integrated into the RTM release or into the TFS Install Guide and Administration Guide.  However, you may still want to review the document.


Comments (2)

  1. masjj says:

    Bryan, I’m trying to upgrade from RC to RTM and I’m having issues disabling SQL Data Compression. I’m running the script provided in the upgrade guide, and it removes compression from most objects, but there are several objects left with it enabled. Re-running the script works without error but leaves these objects with compression enabled. I’ve also tried the compression wizard on the individual tables and indexes but although it says success, compression is still enabled.

    I’m trying to downgrade from SQL Developer to SQL Standard. Have you any ideas on what I can try as I’m stuck at the moment.

  2. masjj says:

    .. an update on my previous comment… I just tried to manually disable the data compression on the tables and indexes using the following SQL and that seems to have worked.. well everything now reports in the original script that is has compression disabled:



    All I need to do now is try the downgrade to SQL Standard to see if I can access my TFS collection and configuration databases.

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