TFS 2010 Beta2 to RC Upgrade Guide

[Update: please see this post (Team Foundation Server 2010 Upgrade Guide from Beta2 or RC to RTM) for information on upgrading to TFS 2010 RTM version]

Now that  TFS 2010 Release Candidate (RC) has been released, we are providing this upgrade guide to help you prepare to upgrade from Beta2 to RC.  Below is an excerpt from the document which you can download below. If you using Visual Studio Lab Managment please also see their blog for the Lab Management 2010 Beta2 to RC Upgrade Guide.

[UPDATE1: Added topic in Section 2 for SharePoint extensions on SharePoint servers in a farm]

[UPDATE2: Added topic in Section 2 regarding clearing the Web Services cache directory to improve upgrade performance]



While every attempt has been made to ensure a smooth upgrade process from previous versions to Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, there are some specific action items you should follow when upgrading from Beta2 to the Release Candidate (RC).  Please read this document before starting the upgrade to the RC.  Note that some of the steps in this document are conditional based on the Beta2 configuration you are currently running.

The document is divided into six sections:

1.       Choosing an upgrade path

2.       Considerations before attempting upgrading – PLEASE READ as it contains some late breaking news related to upgrade

3.       Additional steps required BEFORE upgrading to RC.

4.       Upgrading to RC. 

5.       Additional steps required AFTER upgrading to RC.

6.       Troubleshooting Upgrade failures.

TFS 2010 Beta2 to RC Upgrade Guide (v1.02).pdf

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