The Upgrade Experience – Team Foundation Server 2010

This is the first of a series of posts around the topic of Upgrading to Team Foundation server 2010 from a previous release. 

Team Foundation Server 2010 is a major upgrade from the previous release.   Among the many new and updated features in this release there is a significant change in the architecture that enables a more flexible and scalable deployment.

For the Team Foundation Server 2010 release, we have made a significant investment the areas of Setup, Configuration and Administration.  First, we have separated the installation from the configuration process, then we created a set of Wizards to help with the most common configuration tasks and finally we created a new administrative console that provides a common user experience instead of the many command line tools from previous releases.

See Brian Harry’s blog posts on Team Foundation Server 2010 Key Concepts for details on the big changes in this release and TFS 2010 Admin, Operations & Setup Improvements for details on the changes specific to the Administration space.

This series of posts will focus on the topic of Upgrading from a Previous Release of TFS.  In the next few weeks we will cover an overview of the changes in Upgrade for TFS 2010, important planning and preparation stages of upgrade, the actual TFS upgrade process and the post upgrade work necessary to take advantage of new TFS 2010 features.

In addition, I’ll have some posts that will cover different upgrade strategy options, dive into a set of sample deployment topologies and provide a set of Tips and FAQs around upgrading.

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  1. Dev10 Beta 1 has shipped! We are really excited to have you trying our Beta and giving us feedback. The

  2. rpowers119 says:

    I am following your directions.  The configuration of the TFS 2010 RC extensions is failing.  I uninstalled the beta extensions.  After installing the RC extension, I start the configuration using the wizard.  I get the following error.

    TF255184: An error occurred during operation. Message=TF255481: The following solution could not be upgraded in SharePoint Products: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.wsp. The error is: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Any ideas?

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