President flips his words of apologies in 5 days

이 대통령, 닷새만에 '아침이슬' 잊었다 - 오마이뉴스

After another pretending show of apologies, President Lee changes his words after only 5 days.

5 days ago the President started his public apologies to the people like this:

“Dear citizens, On 6/10 night, when the KwangHwaMoon was bright with lighted candles, I was at the hill behind the blue house looking at the candles. Along with the protester’s outcry, I heard the song <Morning Dew> which is one of the songs I’ve enjoyed singing for a long time.”


“Protests that critisize certain policies should be a chance to reflect upon our Government’s policies but the protests challenging the nation’s identity and and illegal violent protests should be distinguished and strictly handled.”

I’m not sure what “certain” means in this context but there is only one protest that is going on in line with this mention and he is saying two things with one mouth. He is trying to stamp down what he has told the people with (alleged) respect.

During the five days, there were some additional negotiations around the beef import and yesterday the Government announced that they were very successful with the result. But the people were absolutely disappointed with the self-praise and the augmented negotiation still had big problems. Now, this settlement on the beef importing issue is to be forced throughout the country even though the people still aren’t convinced. It took only 5 days to flip the promise to listen to the people.

It seems that someone is addicted to not listening to what others are saying.

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