News today from Korea(20080611)

Another day with another sigh.

  • Guide document from “Ministry of public administration and security” for yesterday’s protest: Ask for cooperation from Farmers/Fishermans/Environmental party’s not to come to Seoul, cooperate with korcham to let corporates control their workers not to come to Seoul, let officeholders not participate in the protest. It is told that these kind of guidelines are always being sent whenever a big gathering is scheduled.

  • The “ministry of public administration and security” decides to sue 6 senior staff of 3 officeholder union for not obeying the guide document above and favoring the candle protest.

  • The police is investigating (to sue for libel) the person who disclosed the names of the police officers that appeared in the pictures taken while using wrongful force to the candle protesters.

  • The police announces that their estimation of yesterdays candle protest were eighty thousand (with some nonsense details how they came up with that number). A blogger counted the glows in the picture using a customized program and it showed 260 thousand(this doesn’t even count the circulation or the people filled in the alleys). Is this another joke from the police?
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