Police blocks the road with container boxes

Today(6/10) is the anniversary of the June civil uprising of ‘87 which led our country to the first democratic elections. The people’s anger against the Presidents extreme dictatorship, distortions and massacres, created an uprise leading people to fight the president’s pet military which in turn resulted in a civil victory.

Today, to follow and commemorate our past and independently claim our civil rights, the “non-violence” candle protest that has been continuing for over 40 days is trying to mark this day a flagship day. Estimation is that nearly a million people(50mil in Seoul and more throughout the country like Busan) will be attending today’s – peaceful – protest, the goverment and police are already trying to interrupt the event:

  • The police are blocking the main gathering place with container boxes making a traffic disturbance. (pictures)

    [via Yonhap news]
  • The extreme rightist supporting the President are have publicly announced that they will be gathering at the same place. The government has authorized the event, of course.

People are guiding others not to engage in any violent act or to make any damage, so that the event doesn’t degenerate into what the government wants it to be. The protest’s pure meaning is to let everyone know the truth, including the President himself.

The President’s ratings has plummeted more to 1x% and still yet hasn’t change any policy or stance. He even publicly blamed the protest to the extreme leftys and the previous President Roh (and tried to cover it up by giving out distorted press materials to the media which didn’t work). And that happened after interviewing with Times lying that he “fully understands”. The Times article also says:

Lee was forced to retreat himself, effectively reimposing a ban on imports of U.S. beef from cattle more than 30 months old, which are more susceptible to mad cow disease.

which is wrong. It wasn’t an action of retreat but just an act of performance, knowing that this would not be accepted by the US. The protest is not just about the beef incident but about each and every wrong doings like this.

p.s. Protests around the world: London, Berlin, Paris, Manhattan, Sydney, Vancouver, LA, Washington, Brazil, Newyork and it goes on…(Korean news, but still you can see the pictures)

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