100 days of ignoring the Korean people

It has been raining since yesterday in Korea. It was the 100 day mark since the new government started. Rain didn’t stop the protest against the government. The people even protested in front of the police department denouncing their act of unnecessary brutal force.

Here ar some facts:

  • The police head quotes “water bombs are absolutely not dangerous”. A lot of people has been already got injured and the internet has all sorts of video footages of the happenings.
  • Government “asks” the US to stop the beef aged over 30 months and delays the official proclamation – this was a “2 minute” press conference. Nobody knows what this exactly means.
  • President Lee says “If the majority of the people wants it we will accept it humbly” “We will start over from today on”. People have been in bloodshed for 2 weeks by police force. Is that all what the President has to say at this point? Nobody appologizes, no details no nothing. No change on any policy.
  • Coincidentally, we have a local election for vacancies. Why did the beef request to the US happen now not a weeks ago when people already have been protesting? Why now?
  • US ambassador Vershbow’s quote angers Korean people again. “We don't think there is a scientific justification for changing the agreed basis that we worked out in April, but American exporters have offered a step forward.” [via Korea Times] “and expressed hope Koreans will "begin to learn" about what he said were the scientific facts.” [via English Chosun Ilbo] There has been scientific proofs on possibilities that preon could be imported so the negotiation is dangerous.
  • Over 80,000 participates in suing the government to stop the beef import.
  • KDB bank to be sold to private companies and forced to be completed in 4 years. The original plan was 6 years. The President’s term is 5 years.

During the 100 days, here’s what happened [via MBC news]:

  • Only 20% of the citizen backs the president. Was 63.8% 100 days ago.
  • 77.9% thinks the governments acts around the beef negotiation are wrong.
  • 60.7% answered that running a household has grown harder than before.
  • Prices of commodities growth rate has jumped to 4.9%.
  • Current account deficits highest since the IMF incident.
  • All the economical indexes has plummeted. Obvious signs of depressed economy.
  • And it goes on.
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