More bloodshed in Korea while the President smiles and waves his hand

While thousands of people peacefully protests with bloodshed, the President enters the country waving his hand as if nothing has happened being proud of what he thinks he has achieved from China. (pictures, pictures) More civilians are being bashed by the water sprinkler and the police’s combat boots and metal shields. Over 200 people has been taken by the police including a pregnant mother, over 60 are injured including a highschool student that has been known to gone blind due to the water bombing. 2 weeks has passed and still no words from President Lee, and while things are obvious, he’s still trying to read the people’s face.

Staffs from the bluehouse tells the media that they’ve told the police not to use force and are worried about casualties but the video above shows what lies they’ve been telling.$ – Video: Police provoking the people by teasing and smiling, and people shouting out to convince that that is what they want and not to be provoked by throwing things.

I eagerly hope everyone in the world are witnessing this.

update: news from BBC - BBC NEWS  World  South Asia  S Korea beef decision protests

More videos: – The police smashes a civilian and shouts “we can’t sleep because of you f***s”.

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