Today’s picture from Korea (20080529)

[The words mean “We punish you. Arrest me.” Appeared after the police started taking people including middleschool/highschool students via Media Daum News]


Here’s how the government sees the people here:

[This is a presentation slide from a policy communication education by PR subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. Spokesman from 22 government agencies attended. via OhMyNews]

Translation(please bear the awkwardness, there are portions I don’t understand):

Title: Manipuliate/flatter the stupid mass

Lacks critical reasoning –> Brainwashable by alluring them using made up and amusing stories

  • Results of some of the university’s ‘enterprise-friendly’ process(of course, similar to practicing “Job interviewing”)
  • Accepting a few critical factor and doing some magic will surprisingly stick pins easily
  • Mixing Plausible sentimental rhetoric and patriotic grandeur

Make max use of the Internet Media and the citizens' group’s corruption(or realization)

  • At least 30% of the people who surrendered to Chosun/JoongAng/DongA(Korea’s major media) will definitely be effective.
  • Internet Bulletin boards are for satisfying the Poor and Lonely people’s grudge. –> needs warm and kind response
  • Invent/Develop/Preoccupy trend items such as “Social Responsibilities” –> easy and amusing appeal point.
  • Develop ideology items, secure and manage a delivery and distribution channel.
  • Same goes to the Critical Media Critics(Media Today, Media union’s report, PD association’s bulletin)
  • Most of the critic trend includes non-mainstream frustrations –> flatter and they will like it very much.

Reconsider interfaces centered to Conventional main-stream media and opinion leaders.

  • Why feed and bother kids(the reporters) when you can bribe them with luxury presents anyway.
  • Rather, give them “a moderate snob item” and let them get famous.

Rhetorical advantage

  • To lure the mass with shiny good looking words –> This is the actual use of Consulting Words.
  • Pro: Export, Overseas Development, Investment, …
  • Con: Plutocrat, Nobles, Vested rights, Conservative, …
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  1. The government has just released plans for lending our tap water under private management. Here’s a list

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