If you know français and want to understand the situation in Korea

Try this link (not sure about the technical parts, it was left out in the translation i’ve seen):

HNS-info Corée du sud le pouvoir déstabilisé par un mouvement autonome à propos de l’importation

I’m not even slightly a policial guy but even for someone like me, the governments actions are enormously disturbing. Even the kids at school understand the errors.

The candle-lit protest is getting bigger since the police used force and has also started in DaeJeon. Fourth day and still the president has nothing to say. Thousands of random people are coming from all over the country voluntarily.

Everything is being broadcasted throughout the internet by participants using personal broadcasting services and internet radio and blogs and text messagings. The major media isn’t reporting the truth quite correctly.

“Withdraw the beef negotiation”

“Lee MyoungBak should resign”

“Release the minors” has been added to the slogan recently since the police are even taking under-aged students and there are lots of incidents where they are hurting people using force(there are even a report of assault on people just passing by).

Also some pictures from BBC here.

Currently, the history is going backwards in our country. Pretty f***ed up.

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