Adobe Media Player as an Apollo sample

So, the web has been, is, and will always be the big thing. But I don't get it. Why give applause on something that limits a desktop work to a web thing? Some people are saying that Adobe Media Player is a competitor to the Windows Media Player but is it ever functionally comparable? Do we have to let our CPU idle around just to let it do the web thingy. I understand that Adobe needs to sell Apollo and since AMP is said to be an apollo app, it's normal for them to say that it's da bomb but hey guys, we don't need another media player. There's lots of goodies even disregarding WMP. Let's just focus on the story of what apollo can provide rather than make a hype on something that's not the point.

AMP is just a sample app of Apollo(if it is) showing what it can do, not some WMP competitor.

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