Ray Ozzie seems to be blogging again


Nothing spectacular but there's two things that comes in mind. First, it's interesting to see that he chose "spaces" for his blog host rather than blogs.msdn.com or somewhere else (which he already had). Well, it's not "that" weird since spaces is something that is included in the "Live" strategy. But it'll sure be a gossip item for people that he chose it. I'm sure that he'll find a users perspective on actually using "spaces" and give great feedbacks to the product team :).

Second, I'd like to see how his blogging content goes since his influence domain has changed into a way bigger company with much more influence to the world (with lots of anti-fans :)). Although stated as "Please make it clear to your readers that the views you express are yours alone and that they do not necessarily reflect the views of the company.", FWIW, his position as a CTO in Microsoft doesn't seem to let the statement be accurately true. He coughs and the media will talk about it everywhere trying to match the puzzle of Microsoft using that piece. It's hard to be just a humble mortal when one's actually a public figure.


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