Google Base? Hmm…They really seem to know how to play the game.

There are a lot of news about what Google Base is now and i think i get the picture. It's absolutely not about just competing with eBay or Paypal, and It's not about fiddling with normal competitors. It's about letting the information flow naturally into their service. Here's a list of what everyone can come up with:

  1. Google Base is some sort of psuedo-OODB(this expression is somewhat exaggerated but used just for the sense of what i'm talking about 🙂 exposed to the web(http, REST, blah) that can store all sorts of things(anything that can be indexed).
  2. It's an attempt to leap another step as an infrastructure not a service provider. And by this, they really seem to know how to play the game 🙂
  3. Google might be already using this infrastructure inside the company for their own services.
  4. This service will definitely expose a set of APIs for others to use for their service.
  5. As usual, huge flock of talented people will find their own use and make their own secondary tier services like what's happening with other APIs.
  6. Successful services might grow and eventually be made to pay based on transactions and small services will remain free.
  7. The screenshots on the web that has been disclosed shows a few services(including eBay competitor?) using this and they are only an example of what could be done with this.
  8. The only surface of this service is the Web(!!) so they are challenging the hackers as usual 🙂
  9. How can they actually manage the high(huge) transactions? Of course with their stack of money they've gathered!
  10. New idea same concept as usual. "Add an existing technology(concept?) to the web out of scale." Scale+Brand+Idea=People's attention.

Quite potential this service has. Hmmm...


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  1. Travis Owens says:

    Yes, the potential for this is far larger than anybody has guessed at yet. Although an eBay competitor is a great 1st gen use of this.

    Considering eBay’s inablitiy to innovate their webapp (very few end user changes since I started using it in 1997) I forsee this giving eBay a run for their money.

    I can also forsee it becoming a web based DB that people’s personal sites will use, especially if you can filter by submitter.

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