East Sea and Sea of Japan

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Google Earth recently changed the name of the sea between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago from "Sea of JapanSea of Japan(East Sea)" to the correct description "East Sea(Sea of Japan)". Because of the reason that the dispute between the names isn't settled yet, it is critical that everyone in the world that are related to this matter use the correct name(sites with the error are collected here). Additionally, "East Sea" being precedent is preferred(reasons are described here). Why this fact has struck me recently is because of the incident after Google changed the description. The organization that has been advocating correct facts and practices relating to Korea(VANK, Voluntary Agency Network of KOREA, http://www.prkorea.com/english/) got massively attacked from IPs originating from Japan. The evidence of whom has done this is only circumstantial but still the hacking attack showed some accusation about the change of name - see image below. (Encarta seems to be showing this as "Sea of Japan(East Sea)", how about using "East Sea(Sea of Japan)" instead 🙂 I have no intension of imposing my thoughts on this blog post - which is using the historically and politically correct name "East Sea" - the fact that the name is not settled yet remains:

At least, explicitly writing both "East Sea" and "Sea of Japan" is the right notation for now. Like "East Sea(Sea of Japan)".

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Update: The change wasn't from "Sea of Japan" to "East Sea(Sea of Japan)". The change was actually "Sea of Japan(East Sea)" to "East Sea(Sea of Japan)". Reflected the changes to the post.

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