Well known problem of podcasting is…

that sound can't be indexed into text and searching is impossible without a transcript or something. So you have to carefully choose the keywords around to link to the podcast audio file.

Now since podcasting is somewhat not just a techy thing but a social thing, people will blog or link to the podcast with their own descriptions and explanations. So maybe that could ease the pain on search...but still it's a problem FWIW. No?


Comments (2)

  1. Joel Ross says:

    Have you seen http://www.podscope.com? They claim to be indexing audio content, and making it searchable. Google and Yahoo both have recently released search tools for audio and/or video recently. I think in the near future, searching audio content won’t be a huge issue.

    Just my two cents…

  2. brainspin says:

    Joel Ross/

    Still those services aren’t indexing the audio itself but the referenced descriptions and reviews. But, if you meant that it’s enough for searching…after thinking about it, I somewhat agree(as i posted). 🙂

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