Microsoft BizTalk Server Webinar Series – Securing Transaction in BizTalk Server – 22-Jun-2017 (4pm to 5 pm IST)

Meeting Invite:


  • Creating, storing and deploying certificates
  • Demo 1:
    • Use File adapter for encryption and decryption of messages with couple of encryption algorithms.
    • Sending and Receiving signed messages
    • Sending and Receiving encrypted and signed messages
  • Demo 2:
    • Party Resolution using Certificate to send authenticated messages
  • Demo 3:
    • Publish orchestration as WCF service, configure WCF-Custom adapter and send encrypted requests using WCF client. Verify the encrypted message using WCF tracing.
  • Demo 4:
    • AS2 - EDI transactions using BizTalk Serve

Comments (2)

  1. Kris says:

    Hi – Is this webinar available online anywhere?

    1. No Kris, the recordings are not available online.

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