Microsoft BizTalk Server Webinar Series – Logic App for BizTalk Developers (20-Apr-2017 & 27-Apr-2017)

Meeting Invite:

Logic App for BizTalk Developers – Part 1 on 20-Apr-2017 (4pm to 5pm IST)

    • Integration Account
    • Introduction to Logic App
      • Triggers
      • Actions
      • Connectors
      • Demo
    • EAI Scenario
      • XML Validation
      • Flat file encoding / decoding
      • Transform

Logic App for BizTalk Developers – Part 2 on 27-Apr-2017 (4pm to 5pm IST)

    • B2B Scenario
    • Partners / Agreements
    • EDI – X12 over AS2
    • Tracking
    • Signing and Encryption


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  1. Karthik says:

    Is it possible to again reschedule Logic App Part 2 lot of teams who are interested have missed this because of connectivity issues,

    1. Not committing anything, will try to see if we can do the session in June again.

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