Unable to deploy EDI bridges for MABS

Recently we had a customer who wanted to update one of his EDI bridges. However, surprisingly the Deploy button on the BizTalk Services portal was disabled. Actually this is by design. If you follow BizTalk Services releases, you will notice that we made a new release at August 2014, which changed how EDI bridges were configured. After the August 2014 release, old EDI bridges can still work in runtime, but the design time change is disabled due to incompatibility. Then how can we make changes to Edi bridges older than August 2014?  We will need to delete and recreate the bridge.

Also we have the PowerShell command Clear-AzureBizTalkTrackingStore to remove tracking data. One thing to be careful is that if you have some custom blob containers in the storage account, they may get removed. We suggest using a dedicated storage account for your BizTalk Service deployment.

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Xuehong Gan

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