File limitation on NFS share

Issue: Error while creating Receive location: “Zero (0) bytes is needed to copy this item

In a recent past, I had a user who was trying to create a new “Receive location” and while trying to provide the path for configuration and selecting the file drop location from File Share we got below error:

“Zero (0) bytes is needed to copy this item”

not enough space

We see similar problem when we tried to check for the send port which is trying to copy a file to same file share location:


Ideally, this is not a BizTalk issue but we can see that error is generating for BizTalk source. So we tried to look into the problem and found out that this is a File share provided by external vendor and it has its own limitation of files in a directory or folder.

And we see that there was send port enlist backup of files to a folder located here: (in file share) \\filer01\ecm\externalTransport\Integration\PROD\_IN_BACKUP.  Every week or so the service dehydrates because it cannot create any more files in the directory.

Ø  We tried to check if we can create/copy files on same location but was negative and got same error like above.

Ø  Now we found out that user is using NFS file share and 4000 million files can be created in a NTFS folder

Ø  It can be an issue in with the NFS file share limitation

Ø  Check with user to confirm with the NFS share vendor and check which NFS share he is using ?

Ø  Customer is using CIFS SMB version 3 for the share. Max directory size can contain about ~100k files as a CIFS limitation.

Ø  Folder already has 91759 files and can see still it can hold 9K files inside same folder

Ø  Now when we verified and asked user to increase the limit on folder, NetApp being vendor increased the file size limit and can see that we can copy the items now in same directory.

Ø  Now tried to create receive location and it worked fine and user able to enlist the send port backups and start them as well.

Please let us know in case of any questions.


Written By

Rajshekher Reddy

Reviewed By

Shailesh Agre

Microsoft GTSC

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