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  1. Johannes Rest says:

    Hi Paul,

    excellent article that describes exactly what we experienced in our test-environment. We had scheduled the SSIS packages to run far too often, and got exactly the same exception.

    One question: you describe that the BAM portal takes its data from the views in the BAMPrimaryImport database. What is then the purpose of the BAMAnalysis cube? I got the impression that information from that source is also used by the portal…?



  2. Mike says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have recently run into an issue where the archival process of the BAMPrimaryImport fails on the the last step, Archive – BAM_BM_MessagePartActivity.  The error is below.  

    EXEC [dbo].[bam_Metadata_SpawnPartition] N'Message…" failed with the following error: "Invalid object name 'dbo.bam_MessagePartActivity_2C7FCDD3_B189_4DF8_8C93_C056249635F5

    The error is a result of me manually dropping the table because we were having space issues on the server.  I did not want this table to be moved to the BAMArchive DB which would have only grown the DB and further exacerbated the issue.  I thought when the BAM Archive process ran at night, it would recognize that the table was dropped and continue to process.  Since it cant find the table, the job fails.  Do you know of a workaround so that my archive process starts to run successfully again?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  3. Arindam says:

    Hi Mike

    The answer is in the bam_Metadata_Partitions table – that table has an entry for "dbo.bam_MessagePartActivity_2C7FCDD3_B189_4DF8_8C93_C056249635F5". Since the latter table is missing, the archival process fails.

    So, you can either remove this row manually, or set the ArchivedTime value so that this row is not considered for archiving.

    Also, before you change anything, do take a backup of this table just in case.

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