BizTalk Job: Operations_OperateOnInstances_OnMaster_BizTalkMsgBoxDb Failing

Recently, I came across an issue, in which, the Operations_OperateOnInstances_OnMaster_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job was failing with the following error:

Executed as user: ABC\UserName.
The name ',portNumber.BizTalkMsgBoxDb.dbo.ops_OperateOnInstanceOnMasterMsgBox ' is not a valid identifier. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 203).  The step failed. 

After doing some troubleshooting using SQL Profiler, we saw that following command was getting executed at the SQL Server Side:

Exec ',portNumber.BizTalkMsgBoxDb.dbo.ops_OperateOnInstanceOnMasterMsgBox 3  ID {ID }

On doing some further research, we came to know the issue was with using Fully Qualified Domain Name during the configuration of the Job.


  1. Go to the Operations_OperateOnInstances_OnMaster_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job
  2. Right Click and go to Properties
  3. Go to steps

  4. Go to OperateOnInstsOnMaster, and double click.
  5. Edit the text “ exec ops_OperateOnInstancesOnMasterMsgBox 'ServerName,Port','BizTalkMsgBoxDb' ”

Hope this helps..!!


Written by
Rasika Chaudhary

Reviewed By
Jainath V R

Microsoft GTSC India

Comments (1)

  1. Tuan Lam says:

    I got the same issue. Thanks to your blog, I have resolved it.

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