Custom Client Certificate Validation in BizTalk

I had a requirement to restrict only one client certificate to able to invoke the schema or orchestration exposed WCF service.To do this we can leverage the custom 509Validator class which will run every time a client access the WCF service and the certificate produce by the client will be passed as the input parameter…


IgnoreNamespaceForLinks property in BizTalk Mapper

Recently, I faced an issue related to BizTalk mapper, where I had a composite schema created for WCF-SQL Insert operation. I have four Insert operations. When I tried to connect a node from the source schema to the destination schema of the first record, we would be able to create the link. As shown below….


Processing messages without preserving whitespaces in BizTalk Server 2010 after the installation of Cumulative Update

If you use BizTalk Server 2010 and want to process a message without preserving the whitespaces, the message will get processed without any errors as we did not preserve the whitespaces by default.Cumulative Update 1 for BizTalk Server 2010 contains the fix for preserving the whitespaces in the message. If you install any Cumulative Update…


WCF-NetTcp receive Adapter : Port Sharing issues

When we create a WCF- NetTcp receive location in BizTalk server, the receive location acts itself as a wcf service and is hosted in BTSNTSvc (BizTalk process).Now the service can be invoked by different type of client to submit message to the BizTalk layer.   Now, net.tcp://localhost/SampleTestService/receiveInvoice.svc can be used as WCF service.Suppose I want…


Receiving a 997 Functional Acknowledgement in BizTalk Server

Receiving an EDI file and generating a 997 acknowledgement is a common scenario which we have used in BizTalk.  Suppose we want to receive the 997 functional acknowledgements in an asynchronous fashion i.e., via a one way receive port you would have come across this error message “517:message part 997 is not allowed as part…


How to cluster command prompt (cmd.exe)

Though this is very simple and very straight forward for most of you (who works on cluster day-in and day-out), it isn’t same for people from other side of the world. And I could not find any single link which talksabout this, so though to document it. I was working with a customer on an…


How to remove custom database from BizTalk Log Shipping

I am assuming that you have already configured the BizTalk source SQL Server to take backups of your custom database by BackUpBizTalk Server job. The steps are same as mentioned in am also assuming that BizTalk Log Shipping is configured on the Disaster SQL Server and is working fine. BizTalk Log Shipping is already…


How to Generate 999 acknowledgments for HIPPA 5010 in BizTalk Server 2010

We had released the hotfix which is going to support automatic 999 Acknowledgement for HIPPA in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010. Thisarticle describes how to generate 999 functional acknowledgements BizTalk 2010. Points to remember 1)  You will not see any checkbox related to 999 in TPM, similar to what we see for 997 in the TPM after…


BizTalk Server Remote Administration issue: “Could not open certificate store.” and “The system cannot find the file specified. (System)”

Couple of month’s back I worked on an issue with BizTalk Remote Administration. Hope most of us are aware of Remote Administration in BizTalk. For BizTalk RemoteAdministration, one need to have the Administration tools and Monitoring feature installed on a Non-BizTalk server as in the below screenshot. Once installed, you get the administration console tool…


BizTalk Log Shipping

Of late we see a lot of incidents in which customers face issues with LogShipping. Either they are not able to properly configure the BizTalk LogShipping or while they are able to configure Logshipping, they face an issue getting the DR(Disaster Recovery) server up and running or encounter trouble pointing the BizTalk server to the…