Running the Sharepoint adapter on a localized BTS installation

I tried to install the adapter on a localized BTS installation and guess what!!! It didn't work, well only the Web Service installer failed when checking if WSS was installed on the machine. This is mainly because the paths are pointing to the Program Files\Common Files directory in witch case for a localized installation this name differs. Let's say for an ES installation, the folder is Archivos de Programas\Archivos Comunes

There are three places where the mods were made in the installer:

  • Requeriments check. Looking for the file spdisco.aspx that is located in the [CommonFilesFolder] directory and needs to be modified to add an entry in the Web Services available in Sharepoint. This new Web Service serves as entry point for pooling information for the adapter and you can find this Web Service in the [CommonFilesFolder]\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\ISAPI directory the files are WSSDocLibService* and in the bin subfolder (as you supposed) the file WSSDocLibService.dll . For additional information about this you can check the article Writing Custom Web Services for SharePoint Products and Technologies in msdn.
  • Common Files path. Modify in a custom installation action and all the paths for content resources to use the property [CommonFilesFolder] that takes care to know the correct name. Fo instances, in a 64-bit installation the folder name would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files or for a localized SO in a different language.
  • Register the adapter in BTS.  Modify manually the file VBSharePointAdapter - Release.reg as the path changes as well. The variables are InboundAssemblyPath, OutboundAssemblyPath and AdapterMgmtAssemblyPath where you need to change the folder name Program Files to the correct one (where the adapter was installed, i.e. SharepointAdapter*.dll files)

Another modification I made was the UI strings, view image. I had to translate the resource file (download here) containing the all the strings and recompile. If we want to have the adapter UI available in other languages we need to do the same as satellite assemblies can not be used for localizing libraries (AFAIK). Another option is to have this resource file localized in all the languages BTS is available and then when loading the resource file getting the right one according to the CultureInfo class, witch means only one more recompilation.

And finally here it is, download the WSS adapter in Spanish, actually you can install it in any language as installer won't fail but the UI is in spanish. The Web Service source code is included so you don't need to downloaded separately.


As I'm expecting audience from other languages I worte the post in English, opposite to the rest of the site, sorry for any inconvenience.

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