BHM Repository Updates List

In BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM) v3.2 we decoupled the Query/Rules and Maintenance repositories from the tool itself.  This was done so we could provide repository updates via Azure without having to release a new version of BHM every time.

BHM v3.2 shipped with the following repositories:

Query Repository Maintenance Repository
  • Purpose:  Analyzing the BizTalk environment and generating the report (MBV functionality)
  • File Name:  MYHCQueries_MBVQueries.dll
  • File Version:
  • Purpose:  Executing maintenance tasks in the environment (Terminator functionality)
  • File Name:  MaintenanceRep.dll
  • File Version:  2.3.5829.33506


Below is a list of all subsequent repository updates.  This page will continue to be updated as new releases are made.

See here for more information on how to update BHM in your environment with the latest repositories.


Click on the version number for more details on that specific update.

Release Date Repository Type File Version
May 2, 2016 Query
May 2, 2016 Maintenance 2.4.5941.31641



Updates in Query Repository

  • Check for BTS2013 CU4, BAP2013 CU3, HIS2013 CU3, Swift MP2015 CU1 & CU2, BTS2013R2 CU2, BTS2010 CU9
  • Check for .NET 4 and .NET 4.6
  • Change SQL2012 SP rule to check for SP3 instead of SP2
  • Change MLLP 64 bits support warning in BTS2013
  • List all BAM Activities with their definition XML file and Online Time Window
  • Show Critical Warning for BTS2010 being out of mainstream support
  • Get all installed programs on each BTS Server
  • Fix rule checking SQL 2008 R2 SP3 not raising warning
  • Other minor fixes and corrections


Updates in Maintenance Repository 2.4.5941.31641:

  • Added new task: View Count of Orphaned DTA Tracking Parts and Fragments
  • Added new task: DELETE Orphaned DTA Tracking Parts and Fragment
  • Added new task: View Count of MarkLog Table in All DBs
  • Added new task: Purge MarkLog Table in All DBs
  • Added new task: PURGE FailedTrackingData Table in the BAMPrimaryImport
  • Fixed incorrect counts with View Spool Message Count of Instances task
  • Other minor fixes and corrections







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