BizTalk Health Monitor v3.2 released!

Hello! here we are again with an updated version of BizTalk Health Monitor which you can get from BHM download page. One of the main concern that we wanted to address in this version was to avoid too frequent releases, as it may not be possible for everyone to update the BHM setup as frequently….


BizTalk Health Monitor v3.1 released!

As a part of our continue attempt to improve BizTalk Health Monitor, here we are again with new easy-to-setup feature and updated repository. BHM is meant for monitoring and help you find out possible issues with your BizTalk Server environment so it is super important for us to keep the repository updated by adding new…


BizTalk Health Monitor v3 released!

We are proud to announce the release of v3 for BizTalk Health Monitor which can be downloaded and used to monitor and maintain BizTalk Server environments. We released the v2 of BHM during November last year with lots of customizable features which gives you an option to write your own queries and rules. For v3…