Known issues with BHM v2

This post is used to list the known issues reported in the last version of BizTalk Health Monitor (currently the v2) and when possible workarounds.
You can let in this post your comments if you want to report new issues.
We will update periodically BHM to fix them and bring also new features.


Known issues:


When a user account is specified to schedule a BHM collect, the creation of the task returns the following error: "A specified logon session does not  exist. It may already have been terminated". 

The policy "Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication" is maybe enabled preventing to create a task under a specific user account.
If it is a local policy and if you can disable it, follow these steps :

- Open the 'Local Security Policies' MMC
- Expand 'Local Policies' and select 'Security Options'
- Disable that property - the system must reboot for the change to take effect

BHM on a localized OS is hanging and crashing when creating a new monitoring profile. 

The root cause was identified and fixed. We will release soon a post V2 update fixing that problem.
Users who want a temporary fix can contact JP (


BHM on a localized OS is displaying an error message when creating the collect scheduled task even if the task is well created.

The root cause was identified and fixed. We will release soon a post V2 update fixing that problem.
Users who want a temporary fix can contact JP (



BHM on a localized OS is not displaying the performance counters in the interactive performance view.

Performance counters are localized and BHM provides only a list of US counters for the moment; they are however pending localization for the main languages.
To workaround that issue, you can add manually these counters in the performance view reusing the ones added on a US server.

When we create a monitoring profile targeting a BizTalk group not accessible by the logged-on user, the  console is crashing.

During the creation of a profile, BHM connects to the Mgmt db of the targeted group to retrieve the list of BizTalk servers of that group - this list will be used in the performance nodes.
This connection attempt made under the interactive logged-on user account is failing because this user does not have rights on the Mgmt Db, and this error is not well catched.
We will release soon a post V2 update allowing to specify the user account in the new profile dialogbox and managing better connection errors.

You should be able workaround that issue by editing manually an XML profile file following the steps below  :

- Duplicate an existing profile using the new "duplicate profile" menu item

- open a CMD window under elevated admin priviledge

- in this cmd change the folder to "c:\programdata\Microsoft\BizTalk Health Monitor"

- open in notepad the XML file corresponding to this duplicated profile

- modify in this xml file the value of MGMTDBSERVER and MGMTDBNAME properties to specify the location of the new Mgmt db you want to target

- modify the value of the "DEFAULTBTS" property entering the name of one BizTalk server of that new targeted group

- modify the value of the "ALLBTS" property entering this same BizTalk server or the complete list of all your BTS of the new targeted group, ex : Value="BTSRV1:True:True:True, BTSRV2:False:False:True"

- save the xml file

- Open BHM console : you should see then the new profile listed

- Display the Settings dialogbox of the new profile and specify the user to run the collect as


There is no SSL usage option in the mail notifications settings

An option to use SSL will be added in the next public version of BHM; in the meantime users who want a temporary build implementing that option can contact JP (


Error when creating a scheduled analyze task if the username or password contains some special chars like '&'

This issue is fixed in the next version which will be available very soon.
To workaround that issue, you can avoid specifying the user name and password when enabling the task in BHM, and then edit manually the created BHM task in the Task Scheduler application to run the task under a specific user account.

Comments (3)
  1. Olivier Pothin says:

    Hello JP,

    We were setting up notifications using BHM and we came accross another bug that is not reported here. It seems that the checkboxes allowing to choose between always sending a mail or only sending it for a critical issue get reset everytime the setting page is closed and reopened.



  2. Olivier Pothin says:

    Another little bug, if you try to setup a scheduled BHM collect and the password used contains the "&" character it will fails.

    Workaround could be to either use a different user first and then go an edit the created scheduled task (It will be at the root of the Task Scheduler Library and named BizTalk Health Monitor{[Name of your profile]} or you can setup the task manually.

    Obviously in both case the change won't show in the BHM Gui.



  3. Jean-Pierre Auconie says:

    Hello Olivier,

    thanks a lot to report that issue ! I will check that if issue is still present in the latest build but I think it is as this part was not touched

    We will fix it in that case for the v3 which is currently in final testing phase.


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