Visual Studio 2008 fails to Create new BizTalk projects

We recently encountered a issue during our internal tests.  Visual Studio 2008 failed to create any Biztalk 2009 projects.  We had not made any changes to the dev server and were not sure what caused this problem.  Initial investigations showed some automatic updates had been applied on the server. 

When you try to create a new Biztalk project using

File -> New Project -> Any BizTalk Project Type

You get the error message: Creating project ‘project name’… project creation failed.


We could get the project system to work by repair installing Biztalk but that doesn’t seem like a solution.  Further debugging revealed that the following registry setting was modified by a VS update.



"PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj"   - Original VS install reg value. "PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj;btproj" - Post Biztalk installation reg value

The following is the entry for the 64 bit version of VS:


Biztalk installation modifies the reg value to register its project extension with the C# project factory.

A repair of VS (something that is done as part of patch installation) is going to restore it to its original state. That's the standard MSI repair behavior.

If one modifies the reg value to what BizTalk installer is doing, the project creation succeeds.

I don’t see a simple way way of patching anything on Biztalk side, we are trying to work with the VS team to see if there is a way to preserve the setting during patch updates on VS.  For now the simplest fix is to modify the registry entry.   Will keep you updated if we find a better solution on this.



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  1. fcwookiee says:


    I have just finished installing Windows 7, VSTS2008 SP1, and BizTalk2009. I have encountered the above issue and tried both the Regedt and Repair. Neither have worked.

    Are the any other things to try?


  2. NagaBoy says:

    I am using Visual Studio 2008 and BT2009. Everything is working fine till this point where VS is failing to create projects under Solutions. I will update if I find a solution.

  3. BTwhizzkid says:

    I had the same problem after running a windows update. Guru's registry tweak helps to solve the problem smoothly.

  4. MuraliKatta says:

    I had similar problem.. but solved by above changes.. thx ..

  5. Pooja says:

    I Installed VS2008,SQLSERVER 2008,Biztalk Server2009,SP3 but after successfully configuration done.I opened VS2008 but Biztalk Project is not visible.

    Can you Please Help me I dont know wht mistake i did…

  6. Kochiwas says:

    It fixed my problem .. tkx ..friends

  7. Kankito says:

    The above suggestion worked beautifully for us. At some point our machines were patched with SP1 and Biztalk projects were not being created. Only the solution was created. Further testing also showed that all other types of non-Biztalk projects were okay. After following Guru's suggestion, everything worked again. Thanks!

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks for the helpful info, worked a treat.  I needed to restart Visual Studio before it would work (which makes sense).

  9. Deepshikha says:

    Thanks.. it saved lot of efforts.


  10. Sandeep says:

    Thanks it worked and saved lot of time

  11. Don says:

    This worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

  12. Akshay Shaha says:

    Thanks a lot… It worked or me… 🙂

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