Creating partitioned View in the BAM Archiving Database

  Carl Nolan of the UK Solution Development Team wrote an excellent blog post on the above topic.  He includes a script for creating partitioned views that can be used if modifications to the existing activity items are continuing to be made.


BizTalk Terminator Not Cleaning Up Caching Items?

  UPDATE:  See BizTalk Terminator STILL Not Cleaning Up Caching Items for additional info on this plus a new cache cleanup task that can simplify all of this.   I’ve been pinged a number of times on this so thought I should blog the workaround and an explanation.  First, let’s say MBV shows you something…


MQSC options may not be available in Biztalk Administration console

Recently, we ran into some issues in which the MQSC adapter was not displayed as an option in the BizTalk Administration console, even after the adapter was properly installed on a BizTalk 2009 / Windows 2008 SP1 server. Before outlining the problem and the solution, let’s discuss the MQSC adapter basics first. MQSC Adapter Basics…


BTARN App Pool Settings for BizTalk 2010

Here is a some additional information regarding extending BTARN 2010 with new PIP’s. The artifacts generated are going to be .Net 4.0 unless Visual Studio is configured to do otherwise. This means along with setting the application pools for the 32-bit the .Net setting must be set to match.   The error will happen after…


Using BizTalk Terminator to resolve issues identified by BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM), MsgBoxViewer, and the BizTalk 2010 Monitor BizTalk Server Job

  One of the primary purposes behind creating the BizTalk Terminator tool was to allow users the ability to easily resolve many of the common database integrity issues identified by the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer tool.  Also, with BizTalk 2010, the BizTalk product group added a new SQL Agent Job to the product called Monitor BizTalk Server…