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Hi all,

I am planning to create more BRE samples. I would really appreciate if you could let me know what kind of BRE samples you are looking for. If you have any feedback on BRE documentation, send it my way.

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Sreedhar Pelluru, MCSD .NET, MCTS (BizTalk)               

BizTalk Server User Education Team

Microsoft Corporation



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  1. Ubbara says:

    Its more of a question than a suggestion. I want to know if we can call the BRE from custom code (.NET API) remotely? Lets say, The BRE is installed on Biztalk server. And I have an Asp.NET Web Application on a different IIS Server. Can I invoke the BRE from this ASP.NET web application?

  2. AtulGupta says:

    Sreedhar, we talk about rules forward chaining and assertions that can be done in BRE. Can we captures samples around this?

  3. I will create the sample for using Assert and forward chaining and post it as soon as possible. Thanks the input.



  4. Ubbara,

    Note that BRE is not licensed separately. It is only avaialble with BizTalk Server at this moment. While installing BizTalk Server, you can, however, select only the rule engine component. In your sceario, you have one web server and an integration server (biztalk). I recommend writing a web service or a .NET remoting component that wraps calls to BRE and then use .NET remoting or SOAP to get th epolicy executed.


  5. Leonid_Ganeline says:

    Hi Sreedhar,

    Now I cannot find any samples of Microsoft.RuleEngine Namespace in the Help.

    200-300 classes have no samples. (or I cannot find them?)

    Article "Programming with Business Rules Framework" show only several.

    I think BRE worth much more attention.

    Particularly I’d like to study the Rule Engine domain at start and cannot see any information. Is it meaning that developers have to get this knowledge "by default"?


    Leonid Ganeline

  6. Hi Leonid,

    You can find the BRE samples in C:Program FilesMicrosoft BizTalk Server 2006SDKSamplesBusiness Rules folder. The documentation for these samples is in DevelopmentSamples in the SDKBusiness Rules folder.

    In the documentation, you find the architecture/overview of BRE in Planning and ArchitectureBizTalk Server ArchitectureRuntime ArchitectureBusiness Rule Engine.

    Please download the latest documentation at

    to see the latest changes I made to the documentation.

    In this documentation, you should see most of the BRE documentation at one place DevelopmentCreating and Using Business Rules.

    Let me know if you are looking for more samples/sample code for the BRE.



  7. shanavas says:

    I have a BRE policy being called from an orchestration, and I am using a fact retriver class to retrive connection string to my database. What is the ideal place to keep the connection string..? BTSNTSVC.exe.Config is the default confif file for BRE as well..?

  8. Yes. You are right. The BRE also uses the same configuration file. Here is a sample Microsoft.RuleEngine configuration section in the BTSNTSvc.exe.config file. Please see Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 HelpDevelopmentCreating and Using Business RulesRule EngineRule Engine Configuration and Tuning Parameters. You can find the latest BTS 06 documentation at



           <section name="Microsoft.RuleEngine" type="System.Configuration.SingleTagSectionHandler" />

















    You could store the connection string information in appSettings section of the configuration file.



  9. MSDN Archive says:

    I have a Reference Architecture for Banking using BizTalk as a BRE. Maybe this can stimulate additional thoughts. If you interested in discussing Financial Services scenerios there are tons of opportunities.

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