How to invoke a policy from another policy? (Policy Chaining)

Policy ChainingThis sample demonstrates how to invoke a policy from another policy by calling the Execute method of the Policy class exposed directly by the Microsoft.RuleEngine assembly. PolicyChaining.exe


How to Insert XML Nodes from a Business Rule? – XMLHelper class

Inserting XML Nodes from Business RulesThis sample demonstrates how to insert nodes into an XML document and set their values from a business rule by using the XmlHelper class.    insertxmlnode.exe


Changes to BRE from BTS 2004 to BTS 2006

Here are some of the changes to BRE in BizTalk 2006.   Summary: Support for generic types and generic methods Support for nullable types 2 Accessing nested members of a class 4 Type Casting support 5 Invoking Static Members of a Class 6 Overriding registry key setting with application configuration file. GetDeploymentDriver method added to…


BizTalk Server Business Rules Framework White Paper

The following white paper gives you a high level overview of Business Rule Engine (BRE):  



Hello Everyone, My name is Sreedhar Pelluru and I am a Programmer Writer with BizTalk Server team here at Microsoft. I own the content for Business Rule Engine (BRE) at the time of this posting. The reason for creating this blog is to evangelize about BRE. You will also see postings from our BRE development…