HIPAA 5010 Public Beta Available

BizTalk team has made the public Beta for 5010 feature available for download. This Beta release provides HMS mandated 5010 relacement schemas and engine support on top of BTS 2009. A more detailed post will be made as we go towards the public release.

The Beta is available through MS Connect at:


It can be downloaded from below location:



Customers and partners are encouraged to make use of the Beta bits for their solutions and provide their valuable feedback. 

Comments (2)

  1. baloodevil says:

    Can you comment on HIPAA support in Biztalk 2010.  I'm new to Biztalk, and want to get started on EDI HIPAA stuff.  Don't know if I should check out the Biztalk 2010 Beta, or Biztalk 2009.  Do I need to start with the older version to get the most support for HIPAA stuff?  Or can the things developed for earlier versions be deployed (easily for a newbie) in the 2010 version?

  2. Gyan says:

    Hipaa support is same in Both BizTalk server 2010 and BizTalk server 2009. In BTS 2009 you have to install a patch for Hipaa support and in BTS 2010 it comes out of box..

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