Interested in new EDI enhancements?

The TAP program for the upcoming BizTalk release(BizTalk Server 2009) is open. There are some cool new EDI features currently being tried out by our TAP customers.

Summary of features:

Ø  Ability to dynamically override envelope headers of the outgoing EDI documents without having to write custom pipeline components - just using context properties.

Ø  Option to specify a range of EDI control numbers, with automatic rollover to the lower limit of the range. No more overflows of control numbers causing failures of your EDI solution.

Ø  Ability to create multiple batches per party with different Batching Criteria – no more restriction on choosing a single batching criteria per party

Ø  Increased AS2 reliability: System can be configured to resend messages if MDN is not received within a specified interval

Ø  Support for Multiple attachments: Messages with attachments can be both sent and received over AS2 as per the IETF Internet-draft

Ø  AS2 Filename preservation: Filename associated with an incoming AS2 message is preserved for further processing. Similarly filename set in context properties is associated with outbound AS2 messages

Ø  The new release would be Drummond Certified for AS2 on Multi-file attachment support, File name preservation support and Interoperability.


Do check the Microsoft Connect site for more details and getting into the TAP program (

If you have feedback on what new features you would like to see in the EDI/AS2 area, do share!


Comments (7)

  1. ericstott says:

    How about sending in the envelope information as an optional part of the EDI, so we don’t have to bother creating it on the way out, but we don’t have to go thru a whole bunch of hoops to get it from the context properties into our maps?

  2. ericstott says:

    How about the ability to resubmit an transmission back to BizTalk?

  3. ericstott says:

    How about the ability to modify the edi and then resubmit the data back to BizTalk re enveloped for that one transaction?

  4. EdiBlog says:

    Thanks Eric for your comments/suggestions

    – We already have "msg correction + resubmission" as a feature that is coming up in future releases. And yes, we can try to do it at a Transaction set level by applying the same envelopes.

    – Regarding the dynamic envelopes, we considered diff designs and selected the current. Having it as additional part of the message was complicating the multi-part message design wherein we need to support multiple incoming outgoing parts – combining envelope parts to that adds complexity and possible confusion too.

  5. ericstott says:

    combining envelope parts to that adds complexity and possible confusion too – the HL7 world does not seem to have a problem with multi part messages!

  6. bryanmeek says:

    Hi, I am bringing in BTS 2009 for an EDI/HIPAA implementation in our company.  The question is being raised:  when exactly will the hotfix for the 5010 HIPAA standard be available? (if this question is "out of context" I apologize)


  7. EdiBlog says:

    It should be out around July 1st half….

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