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This blog focus is around Microsoft’s BizTalk Server support of B2B Transactions while predominantly focused around EDI!


Welcome readers.


Allow me to introduce my self – my name is Suren Machiraju and I am a Senior Program Manager in the BizTalk Team mandated with delivering EDI and B2B Solutions in BizTalk Server.


The blog presents contributions from me and other clever people working on B2B/EDI Messaging projects in Microsoft’s BizTalk Server Team. And it’s our common endeavor to use this medium to communicate to the user community.


Wishing you many happy readings!





Comments (4)

  1. BTS2006 says:

    Hi Suren,

    Much needed blog !

    We currently have Biztalk 2002 product with appox. 50 integrations with at least 20 EDI integrations.

    Early next year we are planning to move to Biztalk 2006 R2.

    We tried to nominate for R2 TAP but it did not work out.

    Anyway when can customer expect R2 beta and final release?

    We would like to do some resource planning around that.

    Again very pleased to see EDI blog.



  2. EdiBlog says:

    Beta 2 is release is expected in March 2007. Of course the date is subject to change.


  3. Aldis says:

    While we wait for the promised splendor of R2 is there any source for BT06 / EDI functionality that actually explains what’s going on?

    the sample apps are great for POC but pretty much useless for real-world understanding.



  4. EdiBlog says:

    Hello Aldis:

    I assume your question is around the existing EDI Adapter. The EDI Adapter program is administered by a different group and I will pass this feedback to them.

    All the best!


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