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Folks,   In order to give a unfied experience to our users and readers, BizTalk product team will be blogging at a consolidated site. Here is the link to the new Blog. See you there…. 🙂 regds Ravi


HIPAA 5010 Support RTM for BTS 2009

Support for HIPAA 5010 on top of BizTalk Server 2009 is now ready for download. As part of this feature BizTalk 2009 brings in the following functionality – Ability to handle HIPAA version 5010 and 4010A messages. Following replacement schemas have been added for 5010 as part of this support 1) 270: Health Care Eligibility/Benefit…


How does BizTalk Server 2006R2 or BTS2009 support the HIPAA validations known as WEDI-SNIP Levels 1 through 7?

BTS2006R2/2009 for V4010 and V5010 supports built-in validation for levels 1 & 2.  Additional validation capabilities are supported through different options including: (1) an external validation web service provided by a partner such as Edifecs, (2) additional rules created using .NET, (3) use of other rules built within the customers HIPAA and business rules editing…


AS2 FileName preservation

I see some confusion in folks when using the AS2 Filename Preservation enhancement done in Biztalk 2009 in terms of what context property is used for what. Here is the feature explained. Filename Preservation is an optional profile in AS2 specification that essentially allows the recipient of the AS2 message to retrieve the filename of the…


Increase HIPAA sub-document splitting performance

There are two hotfixes available which increase the performance of system while processing big Hipaa files containing sub-documents. HOTFIX-1: Description: You may experience poor performance when you try to split large EDI interchanges in BizTalk Server 2006 R2. How it is fixed:   After you apply this hotfix, the algorithm is changed to create a…


HIPAA 5010 Public Beta Available

BizTalk team has made the public Beta for 5010 feature available for download. This Beta release provides HMS mandated 5010 relacement schemas and engine support on top of BTS 2009. A more detailed post will be made as we go towards the public release. The Beta is available through MS Connect at:  It can be…


Help materials for BizTalk EDI/As2

we will update this post to give available help materials on getting started with BizTalk EDI/As2.   Help material for BizTalk EDI/As2:   EDI tutorials (MSDN ):   Good article to get started:   Book on EDI/As2:   EDI forum for asking any question:   Understanding general Mapping on BTS 2009…


HIPAA v5010 Support

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and the upcoming Release BizTalk Server 2009 both have inbuilt support for HIPAA version 4010A1 and there has been a great demand for the v5010 support that is being mandated by HHS/CCS. The product team is working on releasing a HotFix on BTS2009(post RTM) which enables HIPAA 5010 support. The rough timeline…


what is new for EDI/AS2 in BizTalk 2009

Below is excerpts from BizTalk 2009 documentation about new features in BizTalk EDI /AS2 (BizTalk 2009):  EDI Enhancements Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of the most prevalent means by which businesses exchange data electronically. It represents approximately 75 percent of all business-to-business electronic transactions and grows at about 5 to 7 percent per year….


Interested in new EDI enhancements?

The TAP program for the upcoming BizTalk release(BizTalk Server 2009) is open. There are some cool new EDI features currently being tried out by our TAP customers. Summary of features: Ø  Ability to dynamically override envelope headers of the outgoing EDI documents without having to write custom pipeline components – just using context properties. Ø  Option to…