Handling of authentication for LOB Activities – Part III

In the blog posts 1 & 2, we went over how a Workflow application can pass credentials to the LOB activities. While the mechanisms suggested work when the credentials originate from the application in question, a different approach is required when the credentials originate somewhere else. Consider a WCF service that’s implemented as a Workflow…


Announcing the Biztalk Adapter Pack Poster

  We are happy to announce the availability of the new BizTalk Adapter Pack Poster. This poster covers interoperability with Line-of-Business Applications using the BizTalk Adapter Pack and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) LOB Adapter SDK. This poster depicts the functionality, components, architecture, and usage/hosting scenarios of BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 and of the WCF…


Channel 9 video on WCF Line of Business Adapter SDK

  As promised, we have a new Channel 9 video with Sonu Arora, Senior Program Manager, and C. Venkatesh Principal Group Manager on the WCF Line of Business Adapter SDK.  Sonu and CV cover the SDK architecture & feature set along with interesting demos.   I’d highly recommend watching this video specially if you’ve questions around…


WCF LOB Adapter SDK is Released

  We are delighted to announce the release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK.   This SDK for Windows Communication Foundation provides the tools to quickly develop adapters to business applications.  Adapters built using this SDK can be consumed by any .NET application, including Microsoft’s BizTalk, SQL, and SharePoint Servers, and your own custom .NET applications….


WCF LOB Adapter SDK Public ‘RC’ is now available for download!

  We are delighted to announce the first public RC release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK.    Goal of this SDK is to create uniform, reusable and metadata-based service-oriented interfaces to existing systems and applications using WCF.   It allows adapter developers to build WCF-based adapters for integrating .NET applications with existing enterprise systems, databases…