New BizTalk Training Offering: BizTalk Expert Series

QuickLearn has just announced a new training series they are offering:BizTalk Expert Series are focused BizTalk classes that drill-down into a specific topic. In response to customer requests, QuickLearn has created these classes that are at least two days long, covering topics like BAM, RFID, EDI, BRE, Testing and ESB. These classes are packed with…


Error Codes Documentation Available on MSDN

We have documented and posted all the error messages for RFID, SSO, EDI and WCF for the event log.  See the links below: ·         RFID: ·         SSO: ·         EDI: ·         WCF: If there are more areas we need to document, please send us the feedback. Regards, Marjan


2 Additional Product Group Blogs To Track

I wanted to highlight two great blogs for everyone to keep track off. •              Those of you who use our forums frequently, you must have come across Mohsin Kalam at some point.  Mohsin constituently ranks as the top and the most helpful forums answerer.  You can follow Mohsin’s blog for helpful articles.   •              For…


Channel 9 video on EDI/AS2 features of BizTalk R2

We just had a Channel 9 interview with Tony Bernard, Senior Program Manager, on EDI/AS2 features of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 (which is launching this month).   Tony covers a lot of information not only on EDI/AS2 features of R2 but also on BizTalk in general.  This is a great video to watch. Make sure to…


Public Beta for BizTalk 2006 R2 has released!

  We are pleased to announce the public Beta 2 release of BizTalk 2006 R2.  The beta 2 files are available from the Microsoft Connect site.   While there are numerous improvements to BizTalk, this release has three major themes:   EDI: The native support for comprehensive EDI and AS2 protocols in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 will…


Launch of New BizTalk B2B/EDI Blog

We are happy to announce that BizTalk Product team is launching the B2B/EDI Blog to communicate feature/functionality relating to EDI, AS2 and HIPAA in BizTalk Server 20006 R2.    Readers are welcome to add comments and include suggestions on topics they would like coverage on. We will make an all out effort to keep the Blog topical….