Announcing: Preview – BizTalk Server Accelerator for SWIFT: Message Pack 2017

In order to provide industry-standard compliance with the SWIFT 2017 Standards MT release 2017, Microsoft® is offering, to customer's with Software Assurance, updates to the flat-file (MT) messaging schemas used with the Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT.

The A4SWIFT Message Pack 2017 contains the following:
Re-packaging of all SWIFT FIN message types and business rules
Updates to schemas and business rules for compliance with SWIFT 2017 requirements
Re-structuring of  FIN response reconciliation (FRR) schemas
Please refer to the documentation available at the download link for more details.

For customer's with Microsoft Software Assurance, this message pack can be used with BizTalk Server 2013, 2013R2 and 2016. You can download the production-ready preview now, from the Microsoft Download Center, at link.

BizTalk Server Team

Comments (3)

  1. Johnny says:

    Hello BizTalk Server team, SWIFT_CATEGORYS_MTS21_FIN_ACKNAK_Interchange schema is not correct. please fix it.

      1. Johnny says:

        Hi BizTalk Server Team, the schema has extra elements. From what I understand, there is no change to MTS21

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