The future of BizTalk Server

After our recent announcement of BizTalk Server 2016 going GA (General availability), it is time to start thinking about our next major release in terms of feature improvements and new capabilities for BizTalk Server.

Microsoft has a strong responsibility to create first-class integration solutions for our customers, with solutions working both on premise and in the cloud. Bridging the gap between these products has been very important and we believe that with the current growth of the hybrid story this is becoming even more important.

It’s too early to talk about specific dates, but it isn’t too early to identify improvements and capabilities you would like the Product Group to consider. We are working on setting up a page where you can come in and help us scope out the next version of BizTalk Server, we will update you on this when that platform is available.

We would also want you to join our Integration Advisory group on Yammer, if your company is new to the Azure Advisory network on Yammer please use this link to register your company, if your company is already registered you can use this link.

Comments (10)

  1. I’ve been a BizTalk Advisor for several years and I find the comradery and communication in the group to be very helpful and let’s me understand and plan for the upcoming BizTalk releases. Understanding how many years out the BizTalk product team is planning is helpful in my discussions with customers.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      Thanks for the feedback, please continue with your great effort to help us build this going forward!

      1. Pushpendra Singh says:

        Do you guys see any possibility of re including RFID in future release. As of now it stands depreciated . I know a lot of company use it which eventually will be forced to switch to another products because of this.


        1. BizTalk Team says:

          Hi, since this was first released things have changed when it comes to RFID. Please feel free to reach out to me at to discuss this more, I’d love to get your input on this.

    2. John Brockmeyer says:

      Ditto Tom’s comment – more than all the other MS products BTS’ success depends on close communication with those of us in the field deploying systems including the interfaces we need, feature suggestions, etc. Keeping us up-to-speed helps both us and MS be successful – very much appeciated.

      1. BizTalk Team says:

        This is very true, that is why we want to play with more open cards, and get more of your feedback and requests going forward.

  2. Svangeti says:

    When Is BizTalk going to support Xslt2.0? Are there any plans for the product to support xslt2.0?

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      This is a very good question, I would love for you to send me an email with some more information on why you want support for XSLT 2. Feel free to email me

  3. Mrunal says:

    I think along with On premise and cloud capabilities it is also good to have API management features in the integration product.
    I am working on Biztalk since Biztalk version 2004.
    If we see today customers are favouring products which offer both integration as well as API management capabilities like MULESOFT .

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      Hi Mrunal, can you send me a mail at I would love to discuss this with you!

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