Announcing the private preview out of the new SAP Connector for Logic Apps

We are happy to announce the private preview of the new SAP Connector for Logic Apps.

If you have an installation of SAP and want to utilize Logic Apps to create integration scenarios using RFC, TRFC, BAPI or IDOCs, this is your opportunity. The nominations for the private preview are currently open via this survey.

We look forward to reviewing your response to our survey and working with you in this private preview.

Comments (11)

  1. How to get the bits for SAP connector.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      They are available in the Brazil south region.

  2. Priyesh Dubey says:

    Where to find the SAP Connector bits and Design Details. Filled the survey, but did not get and response.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      We have on boarded the private preview train already. We will soon go into public preview with the connector.

  3. Amrita Ghosh says:

    We have a wide presence of SAP ECC in our organisation
    Planning to keep a back up of entire data in Azure cloud

    Hence looking for connector & interfaces which will perform an ETL job i.e extract data from SAP & Load it into Azure cloud
    Business use will access teh cloud services & view the data in form of report (PDF,EXCE etc)

      1. RAJU DAKOJU says:

        We have used ADF to extract Data from SAP BW , HANA and Oracle but we cannot do this with SAP ECC. I am hoping Logic apps would support bulk loading of data from SAP ECC into Azure( ADLS ,SQL DW or Blob store)

  4. Susan Swanger says:

    Would like to implement Logic Apps for all our Integrations. Being able to connect to SAP is essential to making the decision to move to Logic Apps. We are currently working with a Microsoft Rep to review Logic Apps. Would very much like to participate in the private preview. I am an integration architect who has worked with various ETL tools (BODS, SSIS, Jitterbit, Winshuttle, IDOCs, BAPIs, RFC). Also a C# developer. Previewing this would be of great interest to me. Thank you.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      That is wonderful news! The SAP Connector is no in public Preview in some regions. Take a look at it, and let me know if you need any help working with it.
      – Tord

      1. Susan Swanger says:

        Thank you for the update. I do need some help to find the connector I don’t see it in the list. Perhaps it is not in Public Preview in the region I’m in? Can you let me know what to do to try it out?

        1. Susan Swanger says:

          We now have the connector but I have issues connecting to SAP. I have a case in with Premier support. They say my connection values are wrong. But this is not the first time I’ve connected to SAP. Used BODS, Biz talk, Jitterbit, Connector, .Net connector. And I have had my Basis Admin verify the values are correct. We have installed the Gateway which works perfect for SQL Server but not for SAP. Seems there must be additional set up or software on the Gateway as Logic Apps can’t get to my SAP system. Any help from the Team?

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